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Prayer Requests and Praise Reports Page

Below is a list of current prayer requests and praise reports. If you have something that needs to be added to these lists, please let us know. Click on the email link to send an email, call us directly at 573-220-8782 or visit our Contact Page to find other ways to contact us.

Our Mission...

"Then the master said to the servant, 'Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house my be filled'"

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Jesus Cross My Heart Ministries


Please feel free to Print the current prayer list for your convenience:

1.Please pray for us (rich 'n friends FOREVER TOGETHER Band) as we travel: We need prayer for health, safely, wisdom, and ability. We need prayer that God will anoint our voices. We need prayer that we will touch lives, plant some seeds, and spread joy. We need prayer for direction and guidance. We NEED PRAYER!

2.Please pray for Kathy Olding: Pray for her continued healing as she recovers from her knee surgery.

3.Our country needs prayer: Please pray for ALL those in leadership roles in our democracy.

4.Please pray for all mothers currently considering abortion: May God guide their steps as they consider their options.

5.Please pray for all the unborn children whose mothers are considering abortion: May God find a path that will rescue them.

6.Please pray for Lees: May the pain in his knee dimiminish to the point that will make surgery totally unnecessary.

7.Please pray for your Pastor, whoever he may be: Pray not only for his health and safety, but also that he be guided by the Holy Spirit as he delivers a message to his congregation.

8.Pray for all those who are lost and suffering without Jesus in their lives.

9.Pray for Gladys and Bill. There is a tree that is close to falling on their house. Currently, 3/4 of the tree is over their house. Find out more information at their GoFundMe Site.

10.Pray for an anonymous friend who is in dire need of help with legal expenses. Click to find out more at this GoFundMe Site.


Just as we need your input for the Prayer Requests, we also need your input for the Praise Reports. Please Contact Us and let us know if you have anything to share. Feel free to Print the Praise Report List.

Praise the Lord for each new day. Praise him for every day that you are still seeing the green (or white) side of the grass.

Praise His Name every time you go to church without being persecuted for doing so.

Praise His Holy Name every time you get three meals a day or every day you don't go hungry.

Praise the Lord for giving us His Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. Praise God that we don't have to be worthy to accept the free gift of salvation to all those who believe.

Praise His Name for all those who survive cancer.

Praise His Name for all answered prayers.

Praise His Name ALWAYS! Amen.

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